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Freestyle Wrestling

Fitchburg doesn't have a sanctioned USA Wrestling or AAU club, but some of the tournaments listed in the Mass Youth Wrestling web site require a USA membership card to compete.

Freestyle has a slightly different scoring and rules, this is the same style most similiar to that used in the Olympics.

you can view the current rules (2014) here

The majority of freestyle wrestling tournaments occur in the spring and the season can continue into june/july for those qualifying for national level competitions. Many times, freestyle tournaments also have a coresponding Grecko Roman competition the same weekend.

This link on the USA wrestling site has over 50 tutorials on freestyle wrestling moves.

More information about USA Wrestling can be found at

A list of club's in Massachusetts can be found here

You can purchase a USA Wrestling card here.

USA also offer's a coaches certification program. This certification is required for coaches at some tournaments before a coach can enter the floor or sit at the corner of the mat, this is mandatory for state level and above tournaments. Some tournaments don't allow wrestlers unless they are accompanied by a certified coach.

USA offers several resources for certfication, including an online training course and clinics, here.

An online certification course for the Copper entry level with video's and text books can be found here.

USA Freestyle Age Divisions

Pee Wee        5-6
Bantam         7-8 
Intermediate   9-10  50-120lb
Novice         11-12 60-140lb
Schoolboy/girl 13-14 70-265lb
Cadet          15-16 84-285lb
Juniors ( High School Grades 9-12) 98-285lb