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Warmups, first matches start at 7 pm


2018 FYW roadtrip waiting to board. Some are over, some are under.


STCC is having lots of events in March, including multiple Girls only events and a Greco event - who's in?


I confirmed we will be able to have practice tonight. (Sorry cooper)Their is a good chance that if school is cancelled Wednesday, they will have to move Wednesday's HS events to Thursday and need the gym.


Woburn results 4man RR for k-2, 8 man brackets for all others, they used birth year instead of school year so some kids wrestled in older divisions, 2nd grader kaleb found himself in the 5-6g division and got a win! Let me know if i missed anything. CJ 2nd Cooper (5-6) 2nd Cooper (7-8) 2nd Meghan 2nd Josh 3rd Lucas 4th Ben 3rd HM Kaleb(3-4)1-2, Kaleb(5-6) 1-2,Bradley 1-2,Cayden 1-2


Good Day at Natick, tough competition everyone had 8 man brackets: 1st Juan 3rd CJ 3rd Kaleb(k-2_ 4th Jackson 4th Kaleb(3-4) 4th Halee 4th Mathew HM Sergio 1-2, Sam 1-2, Josia 1-2, Cooper 1-2


This is all the info on up coming k to 4 states and 5 to 8 sectional and state series. 2017-2018 MYWA TOURNAMENT SERIES MYWA IS SPONSORING FOLLOWING 2017/2018 TOURNAMENTS:MYWA WRESTLING DATES AND VENUES2017/2018 NORTH/EAST SECTIONALS Date: SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH Location: Methuen High School Field House, 1 Ranger Rd, Methuen Host Team: Methuen Youth Wrestling 2017/2018 SOUTH/WEST SECTIONALS Date: SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH Location: Minnechaug High School, 621 Main St, Wilbraham Host team: Falcon Youth Wrestling 2017/2018 5-8 STATES Date: Sunday, February 18th Location: RMHS Memorial HS, 62 Oakland Road, Reading Host Team: Red Roost Wrestling Club Register here for the sectionals/states series: 2017/2018 5-8 BIG EAST Date: Sunday, February 11th Location: Madison Park, 55 Malcolm X Boulevard, Boston Host Team: Boston Youth Wrestling Register here for the Big East: 2017/2018 GIRLS’ K-12 WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT 2017/2018 K-4 STATE TOURNAMENT Date: Sunday, January 28th Location: Wayland High School Field House, 264 Old Conn. Path, Wayland Host Team: Wayland Wrestling Register here for K-4: REGISTRATION AND FEES ALL TOURNAMENTS Until January 29th 11: 59, fees are as follows: 5-8 MYWA MEMBER WRESTLERS: $40 per wrestler – ONLY FOR MYWA REGISTERED TEAMS. You can see if your team is registered by checking our 2018 online member directory. YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR TEAM OR YOUR WRESTLERS WILL PAY A HIGHER COST. The MYWA series includes one sectional tournament and State Finals/ or Big East. Note that the $40 is for two tournaments: Sectionals and either Big East and States. NO REFUNDS!! If an athlete qualifies for the States and cannot attend they will NOT receive a refund. 5-8 BIG East Only $20.00 – Wrestlers who chose this option CANNOT go to the Sectionals or State Tournament. K-4 STATES MYWA MEMBER WRESTLERS: $20.00 per wrestler NON-MYWA MEMBER WRESTLERS: $50 per wrestler for the Sectional/ State/Big East TournamentThe Big East Only $30The K-4 States $30 ***Any team or club is eligible to become a MYWA Member by completing the online application and by paying the $35 annual fee. If you register your team by October 1st 2017 you will not have to pay the $35 fee. If you have more than two wrestlers who will be participating in the series, sign up now and save your wrestlers money. 2) After Registration Deadline January 29th 11:59registration fees will increase by $10 as follows: MYWA SERIES MEMBER WRESTLERS: $50 per wrestler. NON-MYWA MEMBER WRESTLERS: $60 per wrestler K-4 MEMBER WRESTLERS: $30 K-4 NON-MYWA MEMBER WRESTLERS: $40 GRADES 5-8 SECTIONALS / STATES – QUALIFICATIONS Placing top 8 qualifies athlete for States o Athletes participating in the sectionals will not be able to compete at Big East o The Big East will not be a qualifier for the 5-8 State Tournament ( Athletes cannot move onto States if attending this tournament)) o If not attending States but placed top 8 this athlete will not be reimbursed GRADES 5-8 SECTIONALS / STATES – AGE AND WEIGHT CLASSES: There are two Age Divisions, the Novice Division and the Middle School Division. A wrestlers division is determined solely by the wrestler’s date of birth. So long as the wrestler is not yet in 9th grade, his or her grade is irrelevant. High school kids of any age are prohibited in the MYWA events! DIVISIONS NOVICE DIVISION: Born between September 1, 2005 and August 31, 2007. MIDDLE SCHOOL DIVISION: Born between September 1, 2002 and August 31, 2005. Must be in the 8th grade or lower. WEIGHT CLASSES Novice Age – Wrestlers born between September 1, 2005 and August 31, 2007: (lbs) 63, 69, 73, 77, 81, 86, 91, 97, 103, 111, 123, 138, 160 Middle School Age Born between September 1, 2002 and August 31, 2005. Must be in the 8th grade or lower: (lbs): 74, 81, 88, 94, 100, 106, 112, 118, 124, 130, 136, 143, 154, 169, 188, 215, 250 WEIGH-INS AND NUTRITION All wrestlers and coaches must use good judgment in selecting the proper weight class for their wrestlers. Children should NEVER be encouraged to cut weight for any reason. MYWA Coaches should ALWAYS discourage and/or prohibit extreme weight loss. The MYWA now restricts weight loss at the time of weigh-ins on the day of the tournament. If a wrestler steps on the scale in the presence of an MYWA official, their weight is noted and they will need to follow the following guide: Weight Loss Caps: Wrestlers who weigh 111 lbs and under can lose up to 2 lbs. Wrestlers who weigh 112 lbs and up can lose up to 3 lbs. SKIN CHECKS Coaches are encouraged to do a skin check on their wrestlers before each tournament. Skin Checks will be done at weigh-ins. Official doctor’s notes are required at weigh-in for questionable skin and/or health conditions. MYWA officials may exclude wrestlers from wrestling if there are skin and /or health-related concerns. K-4 STATES – AGE AND WEIGHT CLASSES: There are two Age divisions, the K-2 Division and the 3-4 Division. A wrestlers division is determined solely by the wrestler’s date of birth. K-2 DIVISION: Born between September 1, 2009 and August 31st, 2012. 3-4 DIVISION: Born between September 1 2007 and August 31st 2009 (Must be 4th grade or lower) OTHER RULES Wrestlers cannot compete in both K-2 and 3-4 division in the same year Wrestlers cannot compete in both the K-4 State and 5-8 State Tournaments in the same year K-4 TOURNAMENT FORMAT: K-2 Division brackets will be 5-man round robin event 3-4 Division will be 8-man double elimination. WEIGHT CLASSES: There will be no specific weight classes but wrestlers will be grouped into weight classes based on the Madison system using the following criteria. All kids will weigh-in including K-2. 1) The ideal situation is to have a maximum of 8 Wrestlers in a class. 2) The ideal situation is to have wrestlers who are on the same team in a separate bracket. No other factors will be considered for weight classes There will be no skill based seeding or grouping. Exceptions can be made by the MYWA Board in situations where weight classes are too small and/or there is a large difference in size, age, and skill WEIGH-INS: For K-4 kids will weigh in kids based on a decimal system and they will be grouped into weight classes based on their weight. All Kids will weigh in Thursday and Friday 25,26th WEIGH-IN LOCATIONS TBD: We are looking for clubs that can host weigh-ins. All K-4 locations need a digital scale. SEEDING We will only seed the 3-4th-grade brackets. STARTING TIMES TBD TOURNAMENT RULES AND BEHAVIOR: Coaches: You must have a coach’s band to be in the corner of a wrestling mat and/or enter areas designated for coaches. There will be no more than two coaches in the corner at any time. Teams warned more than two times for that day would have team points deducted for each additional violation. No Exceptions! Coaches must follow MYWA rules for team scoring. If a wrestler does not qualify to earn points for your program because they live in a town that has a MYWA member program, you must disclose the wrestler and they cannot score points for your program. This rule is only for calculating team standings. Violations of this rule may lead to a loss of your team award and/or a reduction in standings. Wrestlers: All wrestlers must stay in their designated warm-up area or in the stands while the tournament is in session. During live wrestling, wrestlers must not be on the mats unless called for their bout because they are wrestling next. MATCH RULES AND OVERTIME: We will follow High School rules including those for overtime and take downs going out of bounds. Only exception is locking hands rull which will not be strictly followed. Parents: Parents must stay in the stands and outside of areas designated for coaches and competing wrestlers. Please keep the first row of the stands open for wrestlers and coaches. If you are, videotaping you must have permission from the tournament director and be restricted to areas designated for videography. Team Scoring Team scores are at the Sectional and State Tournaments. At the State Championships, traditional scoring by KAP Wrestling’s scoring program (advancement points etc.). For the Sectional Tournaments MYWA is only granting placement points for the top 6 place winners. The number of wrestlers from an individual team who can score points is equal to the number of weight classes in that division. A team will only count its top wrestlers. The top six wrestlers in each weight class will score as follows: FIRST PLACE: 10 pointsSECOND PLACE: 6 pointsTHIRD PLACE: 5 pointsFOURTH PLACE: 3 pointsFIFTH PLACE: 1 pointSIXTH PLACE: 1/2 point If there are 4 or fewer kids in a bracket the points awarded place will be cut in half for that place winner. There will be no more than two coaches in the corner at any time. Teams warned more than two times for that day would have team points deducted for each additional violation. No Exceptions! Skin Checks: Coaches are encouraged to do a skin check on their wrestlers before each tournament. Skin Checks will be done at weigh-ins. Official doctor’s notes are required at the weigh-in for questionable skin and/or health conditions. MYWA officials may exclude wrestlers from wrestling if there are skin and /or health-related concerns. AWARDS Team Awards: There will be team trophies for first and second place in each tournament and a banner for the State Championship Teams in each division. Individual Awards: Novice and Middle School Division: Wrestlers who place in the top 6 in each weight class will receive medals, with the exception of the State Champion who will receive a trophy. K-2 Division: 1st place will receive a Trophy, 2-4 place will receive a medal, 5th place will receive a red ribbon for 5th. 3-4 Division: 1st & 2nd place will receive a Trophy. 3rdand 4th Place will receive medals.


The k-4's killed it at Chelmsford, everyone finished either 1st or second! Meagan 1st Sergio 1st Will 1st Kaleb 1st Juan 1st Bradly 2nd Ryan 2nd Daniel 2nd Mason 2nd Jackson 2nd Jariana 2nd


Pay attention to the lesson


Even though Bradley volunteered to shovel the parking lot, their won't be any practice tonight.


Great day for the Bulldogs. 8 Team bracket, no elimination, Dual Team Champions.


We are Natick Duals Team Champions!


If you want a Adult version of our team t-shirt, send us (email/facebook) the sizes you want and we will put in an order this friday. They will be $15 each. You can pay next week.


Those bringing drinks for tomorrow. Please do not leave in your cars or where temp drops below freezing. Frozen waters and Gatorade do not sell well. We learned over the years.


This is the list thus far. In order to continue a successful program we rely on concessions. If your name is not on the list somewhere then admission will be charged. Please respond with your donation here or to Coach Wiebe by Thursday as I will not be at practice due to work. Water, Gatorade, supplies, and items not requiring refrigeration should be dropped off on Friday night during set up. If there are things you want to bring not on the list please let us know here. A list of names of those donating will be kept at door check in.


Fantastic day at the Throwdown, we finished 6th place out of 54 teams. 6 champions, 9 out of 11 wrestlers finished in the top 3! Jonah 1st Xadian 1st Xavery 1st CJ 1st Lucien 1st Josh C 1st Xavian 3rd Haylee 3rd Kayleb 3rd Lucas 0-2 Cooper 0-2


Tomahawk throwdown at UNH today


New singlets are in the mail and will be at practice tuesday, if you need one bring $75 to practice tuesday, first come first served.


Great day at Burlington, very good for this early in the season. CJ 1st Kaleb 1st Haylee 2nd Logan 2nd Jaxson 2nd4 Sergio 2nd Joshua 2nd Matthew 3rd Cooper 4th Cayden 4th Josiah 4th Jose 0-2 Collin P. 0-2 Mason 1-2 Jack 1-2 Lucas 0-2



People are starting to get their gear orders from Oct. So hold tight - I was worried the company went under, apparently they are just slow and non-responsive.

2017-12-05T17:34:33+0000 2017 Fifth Annual Fitchburg Holiday Tournament Saturday. Dec 23rd Monty Tech Vocational High School 1050 Westminster Street, Fitchburg, MA The Fitchburg Holiday Tournament is a 4/5 man round robin tournament using madison weights. We will run 6 half mat's with certified referee's, all wrestlers will stay on the same mat throughout the tournament. Complete bracket order will be posted next to each mat so wrestlers don't have to remain next to the mat for the entire tournament. Wrestlers should come to their mat once they are on double deck. pairing will be done by Flo Arena software Registration is limited to the first 250 wrestlers. Everything went very smoothly last year,we started at 9:15 and were rolling up mats by 1:30. Concessions will be available. Format Madison weights. There will be 4 divisions, k-2,3-4,5-6 and 7-8, some weights in grades 5-8 may be combined to equalize the brackets All match times are 1/1/1 for all divisions All age groups will wrestle at the same time Exibition matches can be arranged as time permits 4/5 Man Round Robins MAIA referee's on all mats Saturday Dec 23 Schedule 7:00 - 8:00 Weighin's 8:00 - 9:00 Coaches Meeting and Seeding 9:00 - ~2pm Wrestling Awards will be given out after the last match of the foursome Awards will be given for 1-4 in the K-2 divisions and 1-3 in all other divisions. Champions will also get a holiday gift bag. Registration Registration is $25, admission is $5 for adults, 14 and under are free Coaches are free,but they must be wearing a team coaches shirt Registration will begin the first week of december and thursday 21 Registration will be on-line by Flo Wrestling here Walkin registrations may be accepted sunday morning if their are any open spots. IT HAS FILLED UP THE LAST TWO YEARS, so register early. Location and Contact info Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School 1050 Westminster Street, Fitchburg, MA 01420


STCC Results: Lucien 3-0 1st Kaleb 3-1 2nd Cooper 3-2 3rd Haylee 2-2 4th Ben HM MF Before we left, Lucien was looking for a match against a RI kid that won another bracket, did he get it?


So it begins. Kaleb of to a good start w/ a first period pin.


Anyone know any 5-8 graders that weigh 160lb or more and want to get into shape over the winter? We have a shortage of the big kids this year and need to fill a hole for our dual team.