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reminder to get your gear orders in for the 10% discount, the coupon expires in two weeks.


5Kount is offering a 10% off incentive discount to our new accounts for early orders placed during the summer. This code is valid through September 1st for Fitchburg Youth Wrestling: FITCHBURG10


Got a towel today and tried to take a picture of it, but ironically someone else claimed it.


I just sent out details for the summer party over email. Let us know what you want to bring for food.


That was quick, the web store is ready: Some of the items we originally looked at needed to be ordered in bulk, so they are not on the store (i.e. the towels). Everything in the store can be ordered individually. This is the "Competitive Edge" company we see at all of the tournaments, they merged with 5Kount, so if we have issues we can talk with them face to face.


More designs for the new web store:


Getting ready for State freestyle.


I've been working with a local company for a new team store and have all of our apparel and singlets in one place. When it's done there will be about 20 different items. Today they sent me a teaser for a beach towel, it'll be about $30.


Reminder to send in your RSVP for the summer pool party.


Last practice of the season tonight, let's finish strong at Marshwoods.


Phenomenal day at Wonder Women and Rebel Classic sunday. We had TWO OW's - Lucien and Haylee ! Congrats to Zoe and Kayleigh for their first competitions. 1st Lucien 1st Kaleb 1st Halyee 2nd Megan 2nd Sergio 3rd Bradley 4th CJ hm - Josiah, Jose, Zoe, Kayleigh


Good job sat at the STCC Greco tournament. It was a crash course in rapid scoring. Can't wait to do it again. Congrats to Cooper and Will for Giving it shot. A lot of failed throws, but it was fun trying. Both got 3rd place.


How to watch the NCAA D1 championships:


Reminder, no practice tonight because of the school closings


2018 New England Team Champions!


4 in the finals!


4 in the semifinals at 7/8 grade New England's!


Congrats to Jonah for winning his first New England title! X2 got 3rd and Cooper would be tied for eighth. As a team they finished 6th!


No practice tonight. Monty Tech is closed, their aren't any HS sports, and the janitors won't be in the building, so we can't have practice.



King of the mat pregame


Almost perfect day at Johnston RI. 9 wrestlers, 8 firsts. 1st Sergio 1st CJ 1st Bradley 1st Cooper 1st x2 1st Josiah 1st x1 1st Lucien 4th Megan


An amazing weekend of wrestling. We had 9 placers and 7 State champions. The 5-8 graders took 7th and the 7-8 Graders got their second state title in 3 years! Here are the results: 1st Jonah 1st X2 1st Isiac 1st Colin 1st Lucien 1st Josh C 1st Gray 3rd X1 4th Cooper HM: Mathew, Pesce 2-2, Lucas, Josiah, and Cayden.


What a finish, we were down by 20 points going into the finals. We needed to win all 6 of our matches plus a few bonus points to counter the other teams potential champions. We swept all our matches and 4 of the matches had bonus points to win the state title by 1.5 points!


Enough said!!