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Fitchburg Youth Wrestling Program

Our club is open to anyone in the north central Massachusettes area. We have members from as far away as Boylston,Sterling and Athol. We are members of the Fitchburg Recreation Dept but are privately funded by our members and donations.Our goal is to be a competitive club and we expect our members to attend tournaments and scrimmages.

Our coaching staff consists of former wrestlers,former high school coaches, and parents. We encourage parents to help during practice, learn the moves and work with your child, even if you don't know anyting about the sport, we are confident you will learn the moves quicker then most of the kids. The more one on one attention we can give each kid, the quicker they will develop.

We have kids of every shape,size and athletic ability. Any kid can do well in wrestling if they have the will to work hard. It is rare for kids to have immediate success and you should expect it to take a couple of years before they get the coordination and drive to be successful (or even get their first win). It's an individual sport, you get out exactly what you put into it.

Ultimately, wrestling isn't just about athletics, it's about overcoming obstacles,not giving up and learning that if you work hard you will succeed - values that apply to everything in life.



The registration fee is $60 per wrestler and a discount for 2 or more, if registered before Nov. 14, which covers the cost of insurance,practice facility and a team T-shirt.Registration will be held 6:00-7:00, tuesday Nov 4 and Thursday Nov. 13 at the Lobby of the Monty Tech Gymnasium. Updates and changes can be found at



Practices are three times a week Monday,Tuesday,Thursday for everyone. Practices are at MontyTech,beginning Monday Nov. 24th until New Englands in mid March. Wrestlers should be at the gym before 6:00pm and end around 7:30. Parents are encouraged to help. Depending on the number of coaches,you may end up being your kid's coach at the side of the mat during a tournament. Even if you don't know anything about wrestling, we will teach you everything along with your kids

Meets and Tournaments

Meets,Tournaments and scrimages are held on weekends and sometimes during the week. Tournaments have an entry fee from $10-$25, but scrimages are free.


Wrestling shoes, headgear and singlets are optional but can be purchased/swapped the first week of practice. You can also find a small selection at Dick's or Olympia sporting goods.

Shoes allow your child to grip into the mat and get better leverage.

Headgear protects the ears from getting aggrevated, they are mandatory at some tournmanets

Singlets are a tight fitting one piece uniform of flexible material that prevents oppononents from grabbing your cloths, loose fitting clothes can also make it appear that your shoulders are touching the mat prematurely during near fall situations.


FYWP Coordinator: Rudy Paulino (978-500-4603) or John Wiebe (978-490-7190)